According to reviews about an English show about air in Australia on iTV called 'Brief Encounters', the 80s delivered a 'second sexual revolution' for the Brits with the rise of the Ann Summers party plan business. So, it's now the 'noughties', is Australia finally ready for the revolution?

One UK review quoted: "With an Ann Summers store on pretty much every British high-street, it's strange to think back to a time when the store's sex toys and 'exotic lingerie' were utterly taboo." I read this and it struck me - it's 30 years on and really, it still is largely taboo in Australia!

PASH Australia was launched over 10 years ago now with a goal to help the women of Australia have access to information and sensuality products that would enhance relationships, encourage intimacy and build female sexual self-confidence. My goal was to remove the stigma and empower women. I wanted to create something that would appeal to all women - hence the absence of 'exotic lingerie' and smutty toys!

I have to admit, I struggled at the start of PASH to explain what it was that PASH did in a way that really explained it correctly. I tried to delivery concept of the 'sensuality' side, but inevitably people would basically say 'Oh, you sell sex toys?!', generally aghast at the mere thought.

There are over US$15 billion worth of toys sold annually and this is predicted to climb to over US$52 billion by 2020, so I find it hard to believe many of the people who were apparently shocked really were.

Thankfully we've made some headway since then and the reality is, it's not actually about what you're into - whether you use vibrating love toys or not, it's just about the opportunity to be able to have open, honest discussions about sex and sensuality, without feeling like a pervert.

Only this week I had a good example of the prejudices that still exist when speaking to a potential supplier. The woman I was speaking to was very quick to reassure me that  'she didn't have an issue working the range of products I sold.' Really, I thought, why would you?

The sensual range of products we sell are not illegal, immoral or pornographic in nature. They are beautiful products that provide solutions for people - bringing laughter and fun to the bedroom, encouraging romance and intimacy; and enhancing relationships. Some products also provide practical solutions such as increasing pelvic floor strength, stimulating desire and helping women cope with painful intimacy challenges. Let's face it, you purchase condoms and lube in every grocery outlet and 'intimate massagers' in some chemists, so why the blushed faces?

PASH, of course, does much more than just sell products. Our vision is to also help women by providing information and education to help women live happier, more fulfilling lives.

So what is it that people are so afraid off? Why is it still so difficult to talk about sex? Is the issue that toys are pleasure objects? Is it that toys can be used for self-pleasure? Or is it that these toys are linked to sex, and please, we're Australian, we don't talk about that!

PASH has always tried to promote a holistic approach to discussions around sexual wellness for women because, of course, it's more than just about the physical act. It's about feeling sensual, investing time in yourself as a woman. It's about connection. It's about romance. It's about intimacy. It's about being able to have a discussion and get the information you are looking for - and not feeling embarrassed about asking. The British are meant to be the conservative ones, but in this, I think Australia is the more conservative nation.

We're proud of being an Australian company that is leading the way in the 'sexual revolution' and bringing a little joy (and a lot of stimulation) to the bedrooms of Australia - viva la revolution we say.

Jo x