About Us

At PASH, we have a single-minded mission that drives everything we do: To empower women to live happier, more fulfilling sexual lives.

Sounds so simple… and yet it’s not! Because as women, there are so many different things that will impact our sexual lives at various times of our lives.

Whether it’s having children, the day-to-day pressures of life, stress in all its various forms, family issues, hormone levels, going through menopause, older age – all will impact desire, libido and our level of sexual fulfilment. And there are no ‘normal’ sexual responses – every woman will be affected differently.

Our goal is to be a champion for women and their sexual wellness needs at every stage of life – providing women with a safe, nurturing, informative, and fun place that women can find the solutions they need to live happier, more fulfilling sexual lives.

How do we do this… by providing you with the knowledge you need (dispelling numerous myths along the way), giving support and advice you can trust, and access to the most fabulously sexy products.

Our home parties run by PASH’s passionate team of consultants ensure a liberating, fun evening for everyone. Our website will continue to develop to become a central hub of information and advice women can trust. Our regular surveys and forums will ensure PASH takes a leading role in womens’ sexual wellness. And through our products, we will inspire and delight you.

There are so many opportunities for you to be a part of PASH and everything we stand for – whether it’s simply checking out our website and blogs, hosting a PASH party, contributing to our surveys and forums, or becoming one of our fabulous team of passionate consultants.

The choice is yours… but we’d love for you to get involved, so please do reach out to us as we want to hear from you.

Yours PASHionately
Jo Karabin PASH Founder


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