Ultimate indulgence

So the heated blanket has reappeared onto the bed - that's the sign 'Winter is Coming' in our house! There is something so deliciously indulgent about hoping into a warm bed when it's cold outside. Which then reminded me of the amazing massage candle experience and I thought I'd share with you the ultimate winter erotic adventure....

  1. Light the massage candle - not only does if fill the room with an amazing scent, it also helps create the atmosphere. You need to allow it to burn long enough for their to be oil in the candle
  2. Heat the bed (there's nothing worse than climbing into a cold bed!)
  3. Put on some sensual sounds
  4. Ask your lover to lie down on the bed and be ready to have the ultimate indulgence
  5. Pour the warm melted oil from the massage candle (make sure it is a massage candle!!!!) onto your lovers back and indulge your sensual side

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PASH xoxo