The Power of Love

Never underestimate the power of a four letter word - LOVE! When you've been with someone for a long time it can be hard to keep the romance and the lust alive, but actually, it's the simple things that make all the difference. Here's a few things you can try - give yourself a goal of doing all of these in the next month and see how happy you make your partner:

  • Call them just to say 'I wanted you to know I love you'
  • Randomly text them a cute love emoji
  • Bring home flowers, beer or something you know will make them smile
  • If you never initiate the love making, do it!
  • Kiss them like you're on you're young and in initial stages of lust
  • Kiss them randomly and tell them you love them
  • Book a PASH party, party plan, love toy party, sex toy party, lingerie party or romance party and get some inspiration.

Here's to a wonderful month filled with love and lust!

PASH xoxo