Sex Toy Parties - are we '50 Shades Freed' yet?

We've just seen the demise of Avon in Australia. Apparently the public interest in 'lipstick selling door knockers' is no longer of interest. With the plethora of make-up brands and the digital revolution, sadly it's not surprising.

That said, what is still of interest (apparently) is 'sex'. Despite being panned by the critics the latest iteration in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy reaped huge financial rewards at the box office - seems the public interest in titillating erotica is still there.

So what does that mean for 'Sex Toy Parties' and party plan overall? Well, if the interest PASH receives is anything to go by, it's still high. With the digital age well and truly driving our eyes to our screens it can seem surprising, unless you actually think about it.

The opportunity to have an 'expert' talk about love toys (vibrators, sex toys and the like), sexual wellness, sexual health, lubricants and stimulants in the privacy of your own home actually makes sense.  You can then relate the information to the products - you can touch, feel and ask questions. It's hard to do that with your screen! While we appreciate eventually there will be a solution for that in the meantime you can't beat getting face-to-face with a real live person.

On top of that, getting together with your girlfriends is fun! What a great excuse to kick the men out for the night and have a lot of laughs - when he knows what the content of your night is, you're also likely to get an unlimited budget ;). It's time to get 50 Shades Freed ladies!

Yours PASHionatley

Jo xoxo