Post Baby Sex Desire

For those of you that have had babies, you probably looked at the title of this blog and wondered why it didn't read 'I have not sexual desire post giving birth!' Don't fret, getting pregnant (particularly if it took a little while), being pregnant, childbirth and becoming a mother is a massive life changing experience!

Not only are your hormones all over the place, but you experience tiredness and also body changes. It's perfectly natural that with all those changes, you libido or sexual desire may also change.

The important thing is to communicate with your partner and give yourself time to recover and adjust. If you're breastfeeding that will also impact your sexual activity, particularly if your partner is a 'breast person' and your sensitivity or mental view of your breasts as an erogenous zone has been impacted.

Treat this as a chance to experiment with some other types of sexual intimacy and take the pressure of you and your partner. Focus on extended foreplay, touch and massage - what ever you find stimulating. Invest in some sex toys - why not have a sex toy party and check out what is available and try it out.

There are also natural libido enhancing products - whether something you take orally or a topical application (ensure you check what is safe if you are breastfeeding).

Don't stress, recognise the lifestage you are in and adapt - it could be fun!