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  • Have you been Sex Squatted?

    Beware single ladies, there is a new trend on the streets - 'Sex Squatting'! And while it may sound like an exciting new sex position to try out, you could end up with more than you bargained for in the shape of dirty laundry and another mouth to feed!

    The New York Times reported on the trend:

    Forget bed bugs. There’s a new parasite moving into apartments. This one has two feet, a sex drive, and travels with a duffel bag. Called "sex squatting", these “sex gypsies” refers to people who hook up largely so they have a place to stay. They’re not quite homeless, but they’d rather go to your place than theirs. And they’d like to stay for as long as possible.

    Understandably the trend relates more to men than women due to desirability of residence - let's face it, the majority of single men can't remember the last time they washed their sheets, let alone cleaned the toilet!

    Actually, I have a friend who once had a 'sex squatter'. A guy she hooked up with that had just moved to Australia from overseas and he had no where to stay. It worked out very nicely for him and, from what she told me, the sex on tap was amazing, so good for her for a while. However, he eventually dumped her, but wouldn't move out. Then even when she eventually got him out of the house, he left all his stuff at her place. The last I heard she dumped his stuff on the pavement and finally ended the squat!

    Yours PASHionately

  • School of Orgasms

    Orgasms are one of the best feelings in the world. Fact. But what if they could be even better?! Say what! More and more women are heading to orgasmic meditation classes to get their rocks off on a whole new level – this is one #sextrend we really like.

    Labelled OMing, these classes are made specifically for women, but not shy ones because you will be getting touched up by your BF or a stranger (!) in the class. But for a better climax, would you consider going?

    OMing, which began all the way back in the 1960s, is about using meditation and prolonged masturbation to get harder, stronger, longer “Os”. So these classes are designed to teach women how to do this and involves stimulating the clitoris for a whole 15 minutes! Tens of thousands of women have done these classes in the US and their popularity is on the rise.

    The founder Nicole Daedone, whose San Francisco-based company One Taste runs workshops, says OMing is about enjoying the now. She told UK Metro, “Orgasmic meditation (OM) is a practice done between two people that has no goal, except to feel what is happening in the moment.”

    “OM is not about climax (yes, orgasm and climax are different). It’s about expanding the most pleasurable part of the orgasm,” she added.

    One US Cosmo journo who took the class for a, ahem, spin said, “Our orgasm trainer, Ken, a normal-looking 30-something, explained the technique, then proceeded to demonstrate on our other trainer, Rachel (Ken's girlfriend).

    “On a bunch of pillows that became a sort of orgasm nest, she—yes—got bottomless, then Ken set a timer and, palm facing down, used his left pointer finger to massage her infamous upper-left quadrant."

    Read about when our resident sexual guinea pig attended an orgasm school.

    Sexpert Nikki Goldstein isn’t so sure the classes are right for all women though, “Everyone is different and by saying, 'You must spend 15 minutes in that one spot', it can be negative because putting deadlines of coming can just add a lot of pressure. And not everyone can orgasm through manual masturbation so these classes might make these women feel inferior.” Not to mention the fact that it’s all public – eek.

    OMing teaches you that the “upper left quadrant” is the most pleasurable spot, but many sexperts disagree, claiming that the whole clitoris is equally sensitive. Sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright told Cosmo she'd never heard of the upper-left quadrant of the clitoris being a special spot, but the idea that spending 15 minutes to get a woman turned on could make her orgasm stronger wasn't BS.

    “I think there are different sweet spots that are more sensitive for people [on the clitoris] but it varies for everyone,” adds Goldstein.

    While the classes aren’t available here yet, Aussie chicks can still turn to sex coaching with qualified therapists to get private lessons on technique and Tantra workshops at the Australian School of Tantra to learn how to maximise their O. Our resident sexpert once even tried tantric dancing.

  • Has cyber sex replaced the real thing?

    Is it just me, or are relationships evolving in line with technology? A few years ago you met someone, went out and, if you liked (or, let's be honest, lusted them) eventually you ended up in bed together. This was either great (procurer to 'let's see each other again') or not so hot ('I'll call you'.... Not). What you knew about them was based on what your friends thought or what they said (or did).

    These days you find a man through a dating site and know more about them BEFORE you have ever even laid eyes on them in the flesh. You Google, Facebook, Link In, etc their profile and find out pretty much everything. Hell, you may have been 'cyber intimate' with them (my mum used to warn me about 'heavy petting' these days your mum would warn you about 'sexting' or 'dirty phone pictures') before you get to speak with them!

    Call me old fashioned, but I quite like to meet someone, be able look at them in the eye, see their body language and definitely ensure that their photo matches their profile before I end up 'cyber shagging'.... but that's just me...

    Yours PASHionately

    Jo Jo xxx

  • Five Great Benefits of Orgasms!

    Like we need a reason to reach the ultimate pleasure!!! But just in case, I thought I would share with you some great benefits of reaching the orgasm goal..

    You already know that having regular orgasms is great for your relationship (not to mention your partner's ego!). It's also a fun, free and, well, satisfying form of entertainment, and it can even burn calories and reduce stress.

    But here's another bedroom bonus: Getting busy on a regular basis not only enhances your life, it may extend it, too. We asked certified sex therapist Lou Paget, best-selling author of The Big O, for the top 5 benefits of O-ing whenever you can:

    1. Orgasms keep your girly parts healthy. The extra stimulation causes blood to rush into the genital tissue, keeping it supple and refreshed. For best results, have an orgasm at least once a week. Is it that time of the month? Studies show that having orgasms while Aunt Flo is in town actually protects against endometriosis, a potentially dangerous uterine condition that can lead to infertility.

    2. Orgasms offer powerful pain relief. Some studies suggest that a good orgasm can more than double a woman's tolerance for pain. Plus, it's an analgesic, not an anesthetic, meaning it suppresses pain without affecting sensitivity to touch -- a critical ingredient when sex is on the menu.

    3. Orgasms can protect your ticker. Sexual activity and orgasm are shown to reduce stress due to the surge of oxytocin, the so-called "cuddle hormone," that occurs with orgasm. What's more, studies show that orgasms lower blood pressure levels -- at least among women -- and high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks.

    4. Orgasms help you sleep better. In addition to increasing trust, attachment and bonding, the post-O hormone oxytocin triggers a cascade of bodily events, including the release of other feel-good hormones called endorphins. These endorphins often have a sedative effect. So it's no surprise that most of us have enjoyed a fabulous night of sleep following some really great sex.

    5. Orgasms can help you stay in shape and lose weight. Getting busy for 30 minutes not only heats up your honey, but it also burns calories. In fact, according to some estimates, you can torch up to 200 calories with a hot and heavy half-hour session (which theoretically -- and hopefully -- would include an orgasm or three).

    So, what are you waiting for - book your partner for a hot night in!

    Yours with 'O' so much PASHion...

    Jo x

  • Hello PASHionate Person!

    My first blog (this is monumental!) - I am so excited to be welcoming you to the new look, new fabulicious and just super exciting PASH website! PASH has, effectivley, had a makeover and I would love to hear what you think of our new look?

    It has been an amazing PASHaliciously divine journey over the years and I'm so proud of what has been achieved. It is hard to believe this all Australian business started with just an idea, a simply passionate (are you getting a hint as to where the idea for the name 'PASH' came from???) desire to inspire women to feel good about themselves and not be afraid to understand how good they could feel! When I hear stories of how much women (and of course the guys) have enjoyed their PASH experience and the pleasure it has brought to their lives, I still get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

    But like most of us, while still fabulous as we get older, we need a bit of sprucing up every now and then. The reality is that when I launched PASH, I felt, we had to work over time with the pink (if you could see the office, you would see how much we 'live the brand': pink desks, pink chairs, pink walls, you get the picture) in order to counter balance any misinterpretations about PASH. We worked really hard to ensure that PASH would always be seen as a company focussed on female sensuality, not smut, and so the imagery we used was really important.

    But you know what, I think that Australians have come a long way over the past few years in relation to accepting that 'sex' and 'intimacy' are integral parts of our lives and it's ok to discuss them. I think (and hope) that finally people are realising that PASH is a company by women, for women and is simply about empowering the women of Australia to live a life more pleasurable.  So, the new look and feel has been created to be a bit more sophisticated, stylish and modern. Seriously, I am in LOVE with Watermelon Pink - it is fresh, liberating and sexy, while still being gorgeously feminine.

    I have decided that I am going to dedicate this blog to YOU - because you are unique, you are gorgeous and you are sexy! I'll regularly be posting exciting information and thoughts on how to live a life more pleasurable - so tune in and don't forget to let me know if there is something you want to know.

    Remember, knowledge is power!

    Here's to PASHing with you again soon...

    Jo x

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