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  • The Mysterious G-Spot Unveiled

    The G-spot is one of life's mysteries. Scientists and sexperts have been arguing over the G-spot for years but most now agree that for some women it does exist, and what we do know is that it can lead to amazing orgasms.

    But, of course, you need to know HOW to find it. So here's how to find your G-spot - and even if you don't, you'll have a lot of fun trying!

    What is the G-spot?

    The G-spot is a super-sensitive area found inside the front wall of the vagina. When it's stimulated, like the clitoris, it can bring you to orgasm quicker than just penetrative sex.

    Why is the G-spot so special?

    Deborah Sundahl, expert on female ejaculation and author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot says, 'The G-spot has a unique orgasm, which is different from the clitoris. This is due to the fact that the prostate has a different nerve (pelvic) than the clitoris (pudendal), and therefore the G-spot has a different orgasmic sensation. This feeling is one of deep, melting love, and women love it!'

    Does every woman have a G-spot?

    Well, the jury's still out on this one, sexpert Lou Paget says, 'Yes, the G-spot exists, but every woman is different. For some it's an off-the-wall experience and others feel nothing. In the same way that some women have especially sensitive nipples and others don't.'

    Why do we have a G-spot?

    Some medical evidence suggests that the G-spot has a purpose other than to make you feel really, really good! Sexpert Emily Dubberley, says, 'Some scientists believe the G-spot can help ease childbirth because when the G-spot is stimulated the pain threshold is increased by up to 84%.'

    So if you're planning a baby any time soon, it could be worth investigating!

    Can the G-spot give you a guaranteed orgasm?

    'There's no such thing as a guaranteed orgasm,' says Emily, 'But knowing whether G-spot stimulation works for you is certainly a good thing - the better you know your body, the higher your chances of having an orgasm.'

    Is it true the G-spot can make you ejaculate?

    Recent research found that some women can ejaculate through sex, foreplay or by having their G-spot stimulated but it's different to the way men ejaculate - women do it before they orgasm. But don't get hung up on whether you are ejaculating or not. Sex and relationship psychologist Dr Petra Boynton says, 'Some men are convinced that if a woman doesn't ejaculate she hasn't had a 'good' orgasm. But this is often an idea that comes from porn and usually it's faked or it's just urine. If you're being made to feel inferior make it clear to him this isn't a turn on for you, instead show him what does work.'

    How do I find my G-spot?

    There's no harm in having a feel around yourself to see if you can find it.

    Inside the vagina there's a small patch of ridged, knobbly tissue about 2 1/2 - 5 cms. It's on the front wall of the vagina, so if you're lying on your back and you can feel it with your fingers, they would be pointing up to the ceiling rather than down to the floor. You should notice a rougher patch of skin in comparison to the smooth areas either side - bingo! You've found it.

    Or try this tip from Lou Paget:

    'Rather than lying on a bed it may be easier to be squat down and feel inside of yourself, but make sure you're a bit aroused first. Women's fingers can sometimes be too small or short to reach inside so a G-spot toy or a partner's fingers might find it more easily.'

    'It is possible to actually sit down in front of a big mirror on the floor, spread the labia lips, push out with the vaginal muscles and see the G-spot!' says Deborah Sundahl. 'You can see the ridges. I advise all women to take a look and get acquainted with this lovely female organ.'

    I can't feel anything!

    Don't worry, you're completely normal. Dr Petra says, 'You're not superior if you have a part of your vagina that feels good when touched, and you're not abnormal if you don't get turned on by having the G-spot/area stimulated - we're all different. And don't forget the other areas of the body that turn you on.'

    Are there toys I can use that will help me find my G-Spot?

    The appropriately named 'G-Vibe' is the perfect toy for starting the discovery journey. This exciting toy has motors in both tips, which perfectly conform to the female anatomy, including attention to the G-spot location. The unique feature of the G-Vibe lies in its unique simultaneous stimulation of the two sides of the vagina - G-Spot and the opposite side.

    G-vibe 2

  • What's next in sex?

    Just when I think I’ve seen it all (and believe me when I say researching products for PASH is an ongoing eye opening experience!), out comes a new product and I’m once again quizzically enquiring:  ‘Ok, so what exactly IS that and what do you do with it?’.

    My most recent education came with the launch of the Toynary Oral Sex Vibrator – a love toy for your mouth – which provides a stimulating oral sex experience.


    The Toynary is all about providing extreme pleasure for men! It is an innovative oral sex vibrating toy that you simply clip on the mouth, switch it on and give him an oral sex while it vibrates. It will completely change your partner's (and your) oral sex experience. This toy may be small, but it is mighty - it provides 3 vibration speeds, 7 vibration modes, 40 mins of vibration, it is rechargeable and waterproof.  If you’re not so keen on the oral vibrations, it can also be used in the hand.

    To be honest, I’m most impressed these days with sleek, aesthetically pleasing designs which are appealing to women, and the Toynary certainly fits the bill. Thankfully the days of the flesh coloured, veined phallic ‘styles’ are confined to the realms of dark and sleazy sex shops and less than desirable online stores.

    Thankfully, PASH customers tend to be more savvy – women know what they want and they actively seek out products which are higher quality, are made from safe materials and have high functionality.

    Of course with our ever curious generation ‘iTouch’ now turning into adults and seeking boudoir products that still meet their tech saavy minds, I’m predicting we will start to see a lot of cross-over with content in a virtual sense. Products that are embedded with chips that connect users – a whole new virtual experience awaits!

    Toynary available from RRP: $69.95 mouth

  • Baby Making Sex...the ultimate turn off.

    baby making face

    You would think a directive to have sex as frequently as possible would be heaven for most women and men, right? Welcome to the world of 'Baby Making Sex' and, if you've not been there, it's not quite the dream you might think.

    At the start, sure, it's fun and exciting but as the months roll on the monthly forced 'baby making' zone is approached with about as much enthusiasm as a pap smear.

    I remember it well. While we fell pregnant easily with our first, the second involved a rigorous schedule that I approached like a well structured project. The 'time of the month' took on a whole new meaning and I was emotionally charged - my poor partner, I'm not quite sure how he coped!

    Too much focus on procreation for a purpose (other than pleasure) can be off putting for both parties. The pressure to perform can be intense and can make the whole process an unenjoyable prospect. This, of course, doesn't help the overall cause which is structured around love making, which then puts even more pressure on the both of you. It can cause quite a strain. At a time like this, a strong healthy relationship is important. If things are not going so well, you need to work quickly to change the dynamics and get an uplift in the status quo.

    The first, and I think most important, thing to do is a mind-shift in the way you approach sex with your partner. One of the best ways is to remove yourself from your standard love making room, the bedroom - it's time to have a weekend off and go somewhere you both love so that you can reconnect. Before you go, refresh your bedroom so that when you get back after your trip you don't slip straight back into the negative mindset.

    The other key is communication. You need to talk to your partner about how you are feeling, it can really take the pressure off.

    I'm pleased to say that there is some good news! It turns out that an orgasm can actually facilitate pregnancy! Dr. Ava Cadell, spokesperson for The Experience Channel and renowned love and sex therapist, says that reaching orgasm is even more important in terms of baby making than the position you do the deed in itself. When a woman has an orgasm, her uterine wall contracts, and these contractions, in turn, have a vacuum-like effect, sucking the sperm up and moving them closer to the egg. "Since only 25 percent of women can achieve orgasm through intercourse, it's best to use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris during penetration and help ensure one,” she notes.

    So whatever happens, you now have a qualified medical reason for your toy collection!

    Yours PASHionately... Jo x

  • To Vibrate or not to Vibrate…that is the question

    This week we have guest bloggers Maxine & Edwin of 'The Romance Guide'. We asked for their opinion both from a male and a females perspective on the use of love toys in a relationship - this is how they tackled the question that so many couples have faced…


    He Said…

    Ah, toys in the bedroom… where to begin?

    Well, I’d love to tell you that back when I was a young adult just starting my sexual journey I was comfortable using toys in the bedroom… but that wasn’t the case. I would also like to tell you that in my early 30s I miraculously got over all of my hang-ups and introduced toys into my sexcapades… but nope, that didn’t happen either. The truth is, it took me until recently to get truly comfortable using toys with my partner. A proverbial switch had flipped but it didn’t happen overnight.

    I met my beautiful partner almost three years ago. Early on I knew that she was a sexual being and that we were a good fit. I also realised that she loves it when I take the lead in most areas of our relationship, and the bedroom was no different. Now, the sex we have is great and I want to keep it that way. What I don’t want is “toasted cheese sandwich sex”. A toasted cheese sandwich will hit the spot every once in a while, but I don’t want it every day.

    At the beginning of our relationship, my partner mentioned that she had a “friend” under the bed for those lonely nights when I wasn’t around, which I thought was a bit of a turn on. It was around this time that I started thinking about adding some toy-play into our “adventures” but I found myself a bit unsure of how to proceed. Now, let’s be clear on something: I never really had a problem with the idea of toys per se; it’s not like I had any deep seated issues about this kind of stuff. The truth was that my knowledge around using them properly was dubious, at best. And yes, I have seen “movies” before, but that kind of knowledge without experience won’t get you very far when you decide to bust out a vibrator for the first time. I realize that all women are different and what works for one won’t work for another, so I decided to keep it simple and steer clear of toys. I guess what it really came down to was that I didn’t want my partner to know that I didn’t know what I was doing. Every time a discussion about using toys would come up I would get uncomfortable, but I knew I would have to figure out some way to change. I knew I would have to break out of the head space I was in if I wanted our sex life to continue growing.

    So, in my quest to change, I decided to take the bull by the horns and buy a vibrator for my girl as a gift. My thinking was that if I bought the thing that I’d be more comfortable with busting it out during sex and that somehow I’d turn into this vibrator wielding sex god. Yeah… not so much. What it did do though was help raise my confidence a bit more, which was a step in the right direction. Shortly thereafter, my partner and I played a sex game, which we really enjoyed. It was around this time that we started communicating more freely about not just the game and toys, but sex in general. And that’s when it all shifted for me. I was able to let go of the limiting beliefs I had around toys in the bedroom and our sex life has never been better.

    So, if there’s one thing that I hope you take away from this, it’s that of the importance of communication. I want you to be so very unlike me and not be embarrassed to talk to your partner about this stuff.  Don’t let your insecurities or hang-ups get in the way or you may just miss out on something special between the two of you. There’s so much fun to be had; another world to explore.

    Happy Rabbit The Happy Rabbit

    She Said…

    I’m gonna let you in on a little secret...I love having sex with my man.  I love how we create our own little world of sensuality and openness, where we explore each other’s bodies and minds.

    Part of that exploration has involved introducing toys and games into our repertoire.  I am a very sexual person and, as I was single for quite some time before I met my man, I had a vibrator to help satisfy my needs.  So, from the time that our relationship became sexual, he was aware that I had a “friend” to help me out when he wasn’t around.  And whilst it wasn’t a deliberate strategy to get him comfortable with the idea of using a toy when were together, I believe talking about it built up a level of familiarity and made it easier to move into “toy play”.

    As with anything in a relationship, the introduction of toys into our bedroom play was all about communication.  Ironically, we didn’t have a specific conversation prior to the first time using one together.  Looking back, I wish we had had that conversation because I think it could’ve waylaid his concerns sooner.  Taking the time to talk about how we will use it, what it means to him and what it does for me etc., would have allowed the two of us to get clarity on our needs and desires.  It would have also allowed me to convey that it was not about replacing him or anything remotely close to that (like I said…I am a big fan of him & his “manhood”), it was about enhancing sexual pleasure…for the both of us.  We’ve certainly talked about these aspects of toy play (and more) since and the great thing is that he has discovered that they can be fun and stimulating for him too.

    It’s interesting, you know, that after talking with my girlfriends I’ve discovered, generally, it’s the woman who initiates the exploration in the bedroom.  It is once that door has been opened that he gets creative and is open to delving further into the depths of sexual discovery with her.  I believe that this is attributed to the primal & innate hardwiring in the male brain, which dates back to caveman days, to protect his woman.  Given that as women, we are at our most vulnerable in the bedroom, it makes sense that men leave it up to us to open up the sexual space at our own pace.

    On the flip side, a large vibrator with its proud phallic appearance can be quite intimidating for a man.  I’m sure thoughts like “Why does she want that?”, “Am not enough for her?” & “What am I doing wrong?” have passed through many a man’s mind when it comes to vibrator play.  As such, I decided that it would be my man’s decision when to introduce my toy to our play.  Just as I want to feel a certain level of comfort in the bedroom, even when my boundaries are being pushed, my man deserves that same respect.

    So, as you can see, the ebb and flow of the ever evolving dance between our needs, wants & desires in our relationship does not preclude the bedroom. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach for this situation, nor is it black & white, but many “shades of grey”….

  • Life's Ultimate Love 'Potion'

    PHEROMONES – Do they really work?

    Looking for love or just looking to keep your lover in love? We’d all love to wave our magic wand or take a pill and instantly be transformed into a divine sex goddesses.  Sadly, the experts haven’t quite managed to create the ultimate solution just yet, however, there is a natural solution to stimulating lust and desire in men…

    If you watched ‘Ocean’s 13’ you will have seen Matt Damon use a pheromone patch to seduce an older lady, the effect was dramatic. If only it was that easy! The reality is there is a lot of conflicting information on  pheromones, but  if you’re looking to become a man magnet, then read on.

    Pheromones – What are they?

    Firstly, pheromones are real and they can genuinely have an effect on your emotions.

    Pheromones are naturally secreted by men and women, as well as animals and other species. They are volatile, odorous substances which are released by one animal and detected by another, causing some sort of physiological reaction, including sexual activity.

    Pheromones are detected by humans through special receptors in the nose (vomeronasal organ) and once detected they travel through to the hypothalamus in the brain.

    The hypothalamus is quite special, it is responsible for producing emotions and emotional response. According to research, the pheromones are subconsciously detected and literally elicit an internal sexual response.

    Pheromones – How do they work?

    There is substantial debate around pheromones in the science community, but what we do know is that scientists have run clinical experiments and found that men can subconsciously pick up women human pheromones and become sexually attracted to the wearer. Unfortunately while pheromones can trigger powerful responses in men, women can rarely produce sufficient quantities to have a dramatic effect.

    Unfortunately the pheromones that women produce can be destroyed by deodorants or hormonal imbalances, so it’s a great idea to top up your pheromone levels to ensure you continue to attract. Also as you get older, your pheromone levels decrease, so using products that have added pheromones can give the kick to restore what you think you’ve lost.

    It is a well-known fact that we need to be psychologically inspired if we want our body to play its role. The wonderful thing about pheromone enhanced products is that simply the act of applying the products can help. Placebo or not, that alone can work to boost your sexy self- confidence.  If you think ‘sexy’, then you will feel sexy!

    Animals use pheromones to attract their mate, so it’s certainly worth a try – at the end of the day we are all just animals!


    PASH sells a number of pheromone enhanced products, but two of our most popular products are: Body Dew and Silky Sheets. While it can have the sexual attractant result, really it just makes people more ‘drawn’ to you.  Adding pheromones to your body will help get you a bit more attention and people will be nicer to you. It could also get you a few extra drinks while at the pub, so worth a try!


    Body Dew is a must have for all women. This after shower or bath mouisterising body oil will make you feel silky smooth while hydrating your skin all day.  After your shower or bath, while you are still damp, spray Body Dew all over and massage into skin (avoid face). This oil is fast absorbing so it will not get on your clothes (avoid silks until completely dried and absorbed).  You will not need to put on any lotion throughout the day as this is long lasting.

    Other fabulous uses for this product are helping your tan last longer (the more mouisterised your skin is the longer your tan will last). Body Dew also enhances the colour of tattoos by rehydrating the skin.

    It’s the perfect product for the Aussies climate because we tend to be really hot after a shower and can perspire while getting ready, making it more difficult to put on lotion.  Body Dew is great because your skin should be a bit damp when you apply.  Great for the girl on the go.

    *This product does not contain parabins or sulfates. No animal testing

    Body Dew


    Silky Sheets is a product with multi-uses. This powdered spray can be used as an air freshener, room deodoriser, and creates a satin feel on bed sheets. The Forbidden fruit scent will make any room smell divine and helps create romance in the bedroom.

    But the real amazing aspect of this product is that you can also use this product to help ‘dry up’ any beads of moisture, which means you never have to sleep in the ‘wet spot’ again!

    Silky Sheets

    Of course, I'd love to her all about your views on pheromones - so let me know what you think!

    Yours PASHionatley


  • Do you have a 3 Minute Man?

    Have you ever wondered how quick is too quick? And what's normal anyway? The conversation is often uncomfortable, or is simply not spoken about, for fear of making the man feel inadequate. However, ensuring both partners feel empowered in the bedroom is important. The term 'premature ejaculation' is banded around, but exactly what performance is defined by this term has not been understood. That is until now.

    In a report just released an international group of specialists have finally agreed on a definition for premature ejaculation (it's only taking them over 100 years since it was first documented!). So what 'officially' constitutes fast performance? Three minutes or less, say the specialists.

    According to research up to 30% of men peak too soon (know anyone ladies?), however, they are not deemed to have the condition 'premature ejaculation' unless they also are unable to control or delay their ejaculation during sex and these issues are causing psychological consequences. The reality is most men will suffer a quick round at some time due to stress, too much booze or many other reasons, the good news is that for most men, there are some easy solutions to help.

    So as much as we joke around, the reality is only about 2-3% of men suffer from the real condition. However, it got me thinking about how many men get distressed by the thought they may have something wrong and, of course, how many women are left wanting at the end of a session. Both of these situations can lead to stress in the relationship and challenges in the intimacy department, so it's important to addresses it when it, ahem, 'arises' and have some solutions on hand. A few solutions below - the main point is to try different techniques, communicate and don't give up just because something doesn't work the first time around. Remember, practice makes perfect1

    1.RELAX - anxiety is a big contributor. Rather than jumping straight in, spend intimate time together. Stimulate your partner manually, orally or with toys, and they may not need or want a long session to finish happy. A satisfied partner goes a long way to reducing the overall tension.

    2. CHANGE YOUR PATTERN - try some different methods, not only will it be fun, you will discover new opportunities to experience pleasure. 'Edging', or orgasm control, is the practice of maintaining a high level of sexual arousal while delaying ejaculation. It takes practice, but it gets easier over time.

    • Squeeze method: Have intercourse as usual until you feel like orgasm is seconds away. Abruptly stop other stimulation and gently squeeze your thumb and forefinger around the part of the penis where the glans meets the shaft (or your partner could do this). After squeezing for a few seconds, pause all stimulation for another 30 seconds before resuming intercourse. Repeat this pattern until you're ready to ejaculate.
    • Stop-and-start method: Have intercourse as usual until you feel yourself coming uncomfortably close to orgasm. Immediately and abruptly cease all stimulation for 30 seconds, then start again. Repeat this pattern until you're ready to ejaculate.

    3. PRODUCT SOLUTIONS - we've just launched a couple of excellent, market leading products that you could try, one is a spray and the other a gel. These products effectively provide a "numbing" effect to desensitise the penis and therefore delay the time before ejaculation. The upside is that you'll feel less sensation, which will delay ejaculation.

    In the case with these products a little goes a long way as the downside is the partner may suffer a loss of sensation as well—you can always add more, but you can't take it off, so use sparingly.

    The benefit of the gels / creams is that you can apply specifically to areas and the three main sensitive areas  you can apply the gel: under the head of the penis, the main vein and the testicles. Aim to use a 20 cent piece size of gel and divide into three - applying a third to each area. This topical application absorb into the skin to deliver a mild anesthetic to the sensory nerves below the top layer of skin of the penis. This allows men to have ejaculatory control but with less loss of sexual sensation, and reduces the transference to partners.

    4.PRESSURE TACTICS - it's amazing what can be achieved with a little anatomy knowledge! A fact many men (or women) know is that you can actually delay an oncoming ejaculation by applying pressure to one of two spots.

    • Perineum pressure: Pressing on the perineum, a spot midway between the scrotum and the anus, will help to stop ejaculation because this spot reaches through to the prostate gland. It is the prostate that contracts and expands during orgasm and then expels the ejaculation fluid.
    • Testes tug: When a man nears orgasm his scrotum rises up closer to his body. You can delay ejaculation by gently pulling the testes down and away from his body - but don't pull too hard ladies or you'll not only stop ejaculation, you'll stop everything!

    My key advice: don't give up! It is important to experiment with products, amounts and different ways. You are not always going to get the desired effect every time, but you can sure have fun trying!

    Jo Prolonger Max Control Gel

    Yours with everlasting PASHion


  • Natural Aphrodisiacs - Do they really work?

    Sex is like food - almost anything will do to satisfy appetite and keep the species alive. But getting what you really want can be another matter altogether.

    When you make love is it an overwhelming, amazing, fireworks and waves of ecstasy experience or where you thinking about all the washing you still need to do? Does it lack the fire that you know you deserve? Is it a habit you perform on the set day and time of the month (or year?). Let's be honest, every love making experience isn't going to light the night sky, and the longer you are in a relationship, the more 'stuff' that gets in the way. However, sexual enjoyment is an important part of keeping your relationship alive and there are some simple things you can do to turn 'not tonight' into 'yes please, right now!'.

    There are, of course, so many factors that can lead to low libido or just plain boring sexual experiences - from stress, to illness, hormone imbalances and lack of sleep to name just a few - however there are some natural therapies that can powerfully enhance your appetite. Be aware that not all will work for you - but have fun trying!

    Named after Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love), many aphrodisiacs have a long history, but only some are actually effective. But don't be put off because real physiological effects can happen simply because you are doing something you believe in - that's why it's important to try it out, particularly the theory about chocolate...


    The natural remedies that are widely reported on are as follows - you can check them out in a health shop or herbalist:

    - Yohimbe: widely viewed as the world's leading effective natural aphrodisiac.It's made from the bark of an African tree and is still use din Africa today during fertility rituals and before the introduction of Viagra doctors in the US prescribed it for impotence.

    - Agnus Castus: agnus castus berries.You can take this as a tea or sprinkle it on your food.

    - Catuaba: made from a shrub from the Brazilian rainforests and has a number of preported health benefits.

    - Celery, garlic, ginger, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, guarana: these are the familiar herbs we are all aware of, but with so much written about the potential positive properties, it's certainly worth a go! (although you might want to go light on the garlic just prior to jumping into bed).

    Don't underestimate the importance of keeping healthy. Much of the joy of sex is linked to optimal health, which everyone has the power to achieve. You would be amazed to know how easily and quickly low libido is reduced when you make improvements in diet, exercise and relaxation.

    Another way to help increase the passion in the bedroom is by introducing a topical stimulant which will increase the blood flow to the genital area. PASH has a range of products that are excellent in helping increase your pleasure and well worth checking out.

    12 Volt

    There is so much information on the internet - you should have no problem finding something that 'stimulates' you and at the very least, you should get a rush to the sex drive just doing all the fun research!

    Here's to your pleasure research! Enjoy and I would love to hear from you on what you found worked!

    Yours with PASHion


  • Do I need a lubricant?

    As Australia's leading female sensuality company, we love to share our knowledge! We are constantly asked questions by women who want to know how to get more out of their sex lives. Usually they are too embarrassed to ask someone else, so they come to us. And one of the most common questions is: Do I need a lube and if so, which one do I use?

    The simple answer is yes, you absolutely should invest in a good quality lubricant. Women can experience vaginal dryness for varying reasons—from breastfeeding to menopause, or just on dryer days during our natural menstrual cycle. The good news is that lubricants reduce pain and should increase pleasure.

    For example, warming lubricants can help to add sensation during sex, particularly when used on the outside of a condom or applied directly to the vagina. Most lubricants on the market today are water-based, which is a good thing, they are the gold standard and compatible with condoms and particularly good if you are at all sensitive. However, just because it’s “water-based” doesn’t mean it’s irritation-free. If you are sensitive you should steer clear of products that contain propylene glycol or chlorhexidine, which can cause irritation in some women.

    Silicone is ultra-moisturizing and doesn’t break down in water, so it is extremely long-lasting. It’s also great for massage, so you get a dual purpose from this type of lubricant. However, you need to be careful if you looking to use your lubricant with toys as some silicone-based lubricants paradoxically cannot be used with silicone toys.

    The latest in the range of lubricants are the 'his and hers' - one is invigorating for him, the other thrilling for her and together they add up to a totally new experience! This may just add a little excitement and anticipation — and there’s nothing wrong with that!

    Below is an infographic which provides a good guide to one which product is best for you. After all it is your body and it is important you take care of it.

    Which Lube

    If you'd like to see our range, you can check it out here - the 'System Jo' range (no, not named after me!) is exceptional quality and we have a product to suit every need.

    Here is a good article on the subject, but if you have a question you need answered, please let us know!.

    Yours PASHionately


  • How to improve you love life in one easy step....

    We invest so much time in many aspects of our lives: our work, our family, our friends, our hair, our clothes. When's the last time you spent time investing in your relationship?

    We all lead such busy lives that by the time you get home, sort dinner out, do the washing, clean up and sort the kids out, you are generally exhausted! Sex? OMG, the LAST thing on your mind! Sleep seems a far more pleasurable option than anything else.

    However, keeping the romance and intimacy alive is critical to ensuring long term relationships remain just that.

    You need a new approach to time and energy management, especially when it comes to making time (and saving enough energy) for love making with your partner. The key is a small shift in your perspective. My one easy step?

    Have a PASH party. We have a new catalogue and seriously, if this doesn't motivate you to invest some time in playtime, then I don't know what will. If you don't want a party, check out the new catalogue on the front page and be inspired!

    My three other top tips are as follows:

    1. Change your attitude - recognise you are in a relationship and that relationships are about compromise. If you wait until you both are in the mood at the same time, you might be waiting a long time! The key is intimacy, even if you are tired, you are never too tired to cuddle. You need to work at keeping the romance alive.

    2. Make it fun - you don't need to turn into a dominatrix or wear a costume, just relax and try something a little different. The goal is to challenge the status quo, so rather than jump into bed and 'assume the position' why not surprise your lover by slipping into some sexy lingerie or offering to use a massage candle or body paint. Laughter followed by lots of 'ooh' and 'aahs' should be the result.

    3. Get creative - location, location, location. Why not try somewhere different for a change? You'll never look at the kitchen table in quite the same way again..

    Above all, enjoy!

    Yours with PASHion

  • Great Sex at 75

    I noticed a cover of a women's magazine the other day featuring Jane Fonda with the headline: 'Great Sex at 75'. A quick flick through the mag revealed that Jane is having 'the best sex of her life at 75' and I thought fabulous, there is finally something to look forward to in old age!

    Of course, I'm not sure this is the same for everyone, but I personally found it inspirational to see a headline extolling the virtues of getting older (for once). We hear so much about how our libido decreases as we get older so to think that in many (many) decades to come I can expect to continue to enjoy a highly pleasurable experience with my partner excites me.

    I do, however, appreciate that this isn't the case for all women. I know many young women struggle with their sex drive, particularly after having children. And there are so many other aspects of our lives that seek to suck the 'sex' out of us - work commitments, sleepless nights, family drama, long term relationships, house work, I could go on. All of these can have the effect of putting a virtual 'cold spoon' on our libido 'erection'.

    The reality for women is that we just need something to help us get in the mood for desire. Given the philosophy of PASH is to inspire women to live a life more pleasurable, I find this issue is a really intriguing dilemma and something that I am very PASHionate about finding a solution for.

    If you find you are in a situation where you want to feel the desire, but are struggling to motivate your mojo, you can help yourself in a number of ways. The first thing is understanding what turns you on, so that you can guide your lover, and also so that you can mentally create the connection with your mojo.

    It is also about setting the scene for romance and seduction through creating an inviting environment. Touch and intimacy are crucial components to feeling desire and I think, to help this, that one of the most gorgeous products we sell is the Booty Parlor Massage Candle. If you've not tried it, do yourself a favour.

    Of course, sometimes all you need to do is just try something a little different - take yourself out of your comfort zone. If you feel silly dressing up, but you know your partner loves it, compromise with stockings, high heels and lingerie that you feel good in. You get the idea.

    It does take a bit of work, and you do need to want to get there, but if you too believe that enjoying sexual pleasure is the utopia of life and orgasms are the ultimate (and 100% natural) high, then I say the investment is well worth it.

    Live, Love, Laugh with PASHion

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