Love Life and loving yours

It's important to remember when thinking about your 'love life' that there are two aspects to it - one is the part of your life that consists of your romantic involvement and the other is the sexual relationship side.

Life has ebbs and flows, but it's always important to nurture both sides of your love life - romance is important, but so is sex.

Rather than '10 tips to a better love life' here are my top three:

  1. Take your partner's breath away - do something amazing! Something that is out of the ordinary to make him/her remember how amazing you are. A note in their pocket they discover at work, a random loving text or greeting them at the door in nothing but some sexy lingerie.
  2. Learn what pleases your partner sexually - do some reading, invest in some love toys (there are some seriously amazing sex products available) and simply experiment. Very few lovers are going to object if you say you want to try something new!
  3. Do something sexually edgy - no need to indulge in kinky s&m if that's not your thing, bondage is not mandatory! However, taking things into an edgier experience is a great idea. Never tried a love ring (cock ring), now is the time to give it a go!

What ever you decide, simple changing the status quo will have a positive effect.


Jo xoxo