Love is in the air? Be a sexy Valentine!

Ok, so it's here and they say 'love is in the air', but I don't get it - maybe I'm just not breathing right ;)

Actually I love Valentine's Day - it might be cheesy, but it does remind us that you can never tell those you love, that you love them, too often.

While the real truth behind the day remains somewhat of a mystery, the reality is you can make it what you want! During my single days my girlfriend and I used to go out for a fabulous champagne dinner and just celebrate loving life!

Rather than flowers (which will die) or chocolates (think of those unwanted kgs!), this year do something sexy and energetic with your lover - and I'm not talking a run around the park!

How about surprising him / her with a candlelit room, you in sexy lingerie and some special love toys to make the evening filled with fun and a bit of fantasy... my favourite sensuality product is the massage candle. It melts to just over body temperature to a soy based oil - you get an erotic massage and your partner gets to live out their 'hot oil fantasy'. That's a win-win situation!

What ever you do on this day of love, even if it's just cuddling your loved one in front of a favourite movie, take time to remember how grand love is and how lucky you are to be in love...maybe it is in the air after all.

Jo xoxo