Is a sexual 'hall pass' good for a relationship?

There has been some discussion lately around people offering partners 'hall passes' - essentially the chance to have a sexual fling with someone,  without consequences. But is this good for a relationship, or ultimately harmful?

The reality is that no matter how casual the immediate lustful attraction, sex can often develop into an emotional bond. Not necessarily from both partners, but it only takes one partner to  want to continue with the relationship and it can threaten the original couple.

Of course everyone is different and some people can genuinely have a sexcapade without their partner discovering it, and be ok with it. But not everyone can handle it. Guilt can just as easily destroy a good relationship as the affair itself.

The challenge can become insurmountable if both parties are not on the same page - the mere suggestion causing a breakdown in the relationship. And what if only one partner decides to take up the hall pass and the other doesn't? These issues need to be addressed or it can turn into a terrible situation before it starts.

The key thing is to communicate and work out why you want the hall pass in the first place - be honest, is it really because you think it will rekindle what you've lost, or is it because you're lost?