• Are you a superwoman?

    Life can be challenging, particularly for women. Some days you feel as though you are juggling so many balls you should be in Cirque due soleil! As a wife, mother, sports coach, personal development kids coach, mediator, cook, cleaner and businesswoman some days I don't know what I'm doing. So when I read this post for Business Chicks about taking a step back from being a Superwoman, it really resonated with me - see if you feel the same.


    I’ve been thinking a lot about the term ‘Superwoman’ lately.

    It’s not a new concept, obviously, and I’d like to think we’d done some work in shaking it as something we aspire to be. But sometimes it feels like not a lot has changed.

    So often I hear from women who are down on themselves for not being everything to everyone. Myself included. We convince ourselves that because we’re not succeeding in every aspect of life, we must be failures. And in the process, we neglect our emotional and physical health and render ourselves useless to everyone.

    Why are we so tough on ourselves? Who are we trying to impress? And who are we really ‘failing’ when we don’t reach the impossible goals we set for ourselves?

    How can we collectively shake this Superwoman myth from our conscious? I say we start by celebrating and supporting each other to know what is intuitively right for ourselves. We are all women, doing our best, working hard, perhaps looking after children, growing businesses and careers.

    Some days, there will be aspects of our lives are going to require more from us than others. And that’s okay! Because here’s the thing: We are all truly wondrous, remarkable and amazing. And the sooner we realise this and stop comparing ourselves to each other, the sooner we can stop this vicious cycle.

    When I think of a ‘Superwoman,’ I think of the woman who does what works for her. This week, I’m imploring you to say no, take some time out just for you, and surround yourself with at least one woman who supports you wholeheartedly and celebrates you no matter what.

    Warm regards,


    Business Chicks

  • The Basic Sexual Unit Is One

    This is a blog from a fabulous sexual and relationship educator Jacqueline Hellyer. I read this today (she actually wrote if five years ago, but it is just as relevant today) and thought I would share it with you.


    Here I am sitting in the depths of the jungle in northern Thailand, spending some time at a permaculture farm. Last weekend I was studying spiritual healing. Over Easter I attended the Xplore festival on alternate sexuality. Three quite different experiences, but all united: the sexuality, the spirituality and the connection to the environment.

    What unites them? You, one, the individual. The individual is the basic unit and it is only through you that change happens, or doesn’t. It’s up to the individual to find their spiritual connection, their connection to the environment, and their connection to their sexuality.

    The basic sexual unit is one.

    You’d hardly think so, given our society’s obsession with couples. Not that I have anything against couples, pair-bonding is a normal human activity, and it is the social norm. The problem is two-fold:

    The first is that people feel that they need to be in a couple to feel complete. This places enormous pressure on the other to live up to this expectation. Even the archbishop who married Will and Kate last week in his sermon said that one of the problems with modern couples is that they expect the other to be everything to them. This is simply not possible, totally unfair and one of the reasons why so many relationships are dysfunctional.

    The expectation of your partner to complete you, also removes the responsibility of the individual to develop their own personal self awareness and growth. It’s so much easier to expect the other person to fill your deficiencies rather than work on them yourself; and then you’ve got someone to blame for what you lack in yourself.

    The other problem is that people think being in a couple is somehow normal and natural and therefore doesn’t need discussing. It absolutely needs discussing. Everyone’s idea of what constitutes being in a couple is different. We all have different boundaries and expectations, some culturally defined, others personal. And these change over time.

    You need to come back to yourself first. What do you want, what do you need, what are your expectations/hopes/fears regarding your partner? Once you’re clear about this, you then need to be able to share those openly and honestly, without fear of rejection, without judgement of their input. Only then can the two of you create your own individual relationship, one that is unique to you. And one that continually changes and evolves over time.

    Think of yourself as a circle, and your partner as a circle – how big is the over-lap and what does it cover? What only happens within the overlap, and what is yours alone?

    There will be many other overlapping circles too – work, children, friends, activities – some of which overlap with just your circle and some which overlap both of your circles.

    Try drawing this for yourself, then compare with your partner. Use this as an exercise to understand yourselves and each other more.

    If you’re single, do it anyway to get clearer about what you want and need in a relationship. In doing this you’ll understand yourself more and you’ll attract someone appropriate, with whom you can share openly.

    Two whole people who come together in realness and with individuality - it’s a beautiful thing.


  • Orgasm More and Be Happy!

    Orgasms - a simple, pleasurable way to greater happiness.

    Good news on the happiness stakes, it's as simple as getting a good dose of Oxytocin. If only we could take a daily pill, we'd all be singing 'Because I'm happy...' all day long. From what I understand our modern world is causing all sorts of imbalances in our bodies.

    I read a great quote in an article on the weekend by naturopath Janella Purcell: "Many of the women I see in my clinic are overbusy, overachieving and they don't have the pair bonding that happens when a woman feels she can depend on another person. Women feel they have to grow the bacon, cook the bacon, look sexy while they serve the bacon and make sure the bacon is free-range, organic and nitrate-free, as well as bring it home." It got me thinking, are we sabotaging our happiness with our modern lives?

    Oxytocin is known as the 'bliss hormone' - it makes us happy! There are a few situations when this hormone is naturally generated in the body such as during childbirth and breastfeeding. As a mother of two beautiful girls, I can safely say that regular childbirth is definitely NOT my chosen method of receiving ongoing oxytocin blasts!

    The good news is that sex is also a stimulant for oxytocin release. So, if we all had more sex, we could all be happy more often? Sounds like a simple and easy solution, right? If only it was that practical.

    The article really resonated with me. As women we try and be superwoman in every aspect of our lives. It can be tiring, really tiring. That combined with the havoc that stress, and the impact every day hormonal changes, can play on a women make the desire for bed, to sleep, sadly so much more attractive than indulging in a good session with our partners.

    Maintaining our intimate relationships with our partners takes 'work'. Sometimes you need to put in the effort, even if you're not 'in the mood.' Of course the good news is that it inevitably ends up being very pleasurable work, but it does require effort.

    A girlfriend once told me that every Monday morning she has 'maintenance' sex - the sex that her and her husband have, as a routine,  to keep their relationship connected. I think there is something in that. I know that if my partner and I haven't had sex for a little while I feel the intimacy in our relationship start to pull away, the close bonding and sharing of an intimate moment pulls it back together, even if it's only a 'quickie'.

    If you're in a relationship and you want to stay in the relationship, I really believe it's important for women to make a conscious decision to work on all aspects of the relationship, including the intimacy.


  • Sexual Education Matters

    I wanted to share this article as it highlighted some really disturbing facts around how our daughters are dealing with sexual pressure from boys. It is shameful that online sexual abuse and harassment have become everyday interactions, a by product of our digital, everything so readily accessible age.

    The questions is, what can we do to protect our daughters and empower them with the right information and techniques to cope with an issue that is unlikely to be resolved?

    It starts in the home, with mothers and fathers having open, honest conversations about positive sexual wellness and what is acceptable and what is not. It's about teaching our daughters, at an age appropriate, that sexual experiences are also about pleasure for the women and that their bodies are owned by them. They must be respected. The boys use sex for power, we need to help our daughers understand they have the power.


    According to reviews about an English show about air in Australia on iTV called 'Brief Encounters', the 80s delivered a 'second sexual revolution' for the Brits with the rise of the Ann Summers party plan business. So, it's now the 'noughties', is Australia finally ready for the revolution?

    One UK review quoted: "With an Ann Summers store on pretty much every British high-street, it's strange to think back to a time when the store's sex toys and 'exotic lingerie' were utterly taboo." I read this and it struck me - it's 30 years on and really, it still is largely taboo in Australia!

    PASH Australia was launched over 10 years ago now with a goal to help the women of Australia have access to information and sensuality products that would enhance relationships, encourage intimacy and build female sexual self-confidence. My goal was to remove the stigma and empower women. I wanted to create something that would appeal to all women - hence the absence of 'exotic lingerie' and smutty toys!

    I have to admit, I struggled at the start of PASH to explain what it was that PASH did in a way that really explained it correctly. I tried to delivery concept of the 'sensuality' side, but inevitably people would basically say 'Oh, you sell sex toys?!', generally aghast at the mere thought.

    There are over US$15 billion worth of toys sold annually and this is predicted to climb to over US$52 billion by 2020, so I find it hard to believe many of the people who were apparently shocked really were.

    Thankfully we've made some headway since then and the reality is, it's not actually about what you're into - whether you use vibrating love toys or not, it's just about the opportunity to be able to have open, honest discussions about sex and sensuality, without feeling like a pervert.

    Only this week I had a good example of the prejudices that still exist when speaking to a potential supplier. The woman I was speaking to was very quick to reassure me that  'she didn't have an issue working the range of products I sold.' Really, I thought, why would you?

    The sensual range of products we sell are not illegal, immoral or pornographic in nature. They are beautiful products that provide solutions for people - bringing laughter and fun to the bedroom, encouraging romance and intimacy; and enhancing relationships. Some products also provide practical solutions such as increasing pelvic floor strength, stimulating desire and helping women cope with painful intimacy challenges. Let's face it, you purchase condoms and lube in every grocery outlet and 'intimate massagers' in some chemists, so why the blushed faces?

    PASH, of course, does much more than just sell products. Our vision is to also help women by providing information and education to help women live happier, more fulfilling lives.

    So what is it that people are so afraid off? Why is it still so difficult to talk about sex? Is the issue that toys are pleasure objects? Is it that toys can be used for self-pleasure? Or is it that these toys are linked to sex, and please, we're Australian, we don't talk about that!

    PASH has always tried to promote a holistic approach to discussions around sexual wellness for women because, of course, it's more than just about the physical act. It's about feeling sensual, investing time in yourself as a woman. It's about connection. It's about romance. It's about intimacy. It's about being able to have a discussion and get the information you are looking for - and not feeling embarrassed about asking. The British are meant to be the conservative ones, but in this, I think Australia is the more conservative nation.

    We're proud of being an Australian company that is leading the way in the 'sexual revolution' and bringing a little joy (and a lot of stimulation) to the bedrooms of Australia - viva la revolution we say.

    Jo x


  • Have you put your sex life on 'pause'?

    We may be 'socially' more connected than ever before, but research shows that the use of electronic devices (not the PASH kind!) are interrupting our sex lives and disconnecting our relationships.

    It's not just social media and our addiction to checking our FB status 100 times a day, it's also our eager adoption of streaming services like Netflix on portable devices that are keeping us up well into the wee hours. From someone who watched back to back episodes of Game of Thrones, I understand the dilema, I was glued to the screen until 2am for about a week, so not a lot of time for bedroom action inbetween!

    Out for a girls night the other week I spied an elderly couple sit down at a table. How lovely, I thought, they are on a date night. Until both of them pulled out their mobile phones and spent the next hour engrossed in their electronic devices! Now, they could have be sexting each other, but it didn't look like it. So, it appears it's not just the young that can't pull themselves off their devices.

    I think it's never been more critical to connect in our relationships. It's important to take time out away from distractions and actually communicate! Yes, talk with each other. Find out what's going on, how your partner is feeling, what they're excited about, what they are struggling with. The key to long term happy relationships is communication, so let's get chatting (and I don't mean 'Snapchatting', no matter how funny the dogface is :)

    Yours PASHionately, Jo x


  • The Ebb and Flow of Sexual Desire

    It's a widely held belief that men reach their sexual peak at around 18 years and women at around 35. Interesting right.  Does it mean that at 35 women start to fancy 18 year old men?  Is that why the term 'cougar' became so popular.

    I've been thinking about why this is so. Now I know from personal experience that as an 18 year old I was sexually nervous and unsure about it all, whereas a 35 year old I was confident and sexually enlightened.

    However, the notion of these defined ages for sexual peak is a myth. The myth comes from research conducted in 1953 (yep, the 50s!) by Alfred Kinsey who asked different age groups about the number of orgasms they have in a give week. He found that 18 year old men and 35 year old women were having the most frequent orgasms.

    I think we can safely say that 18 year old men are quite probably masturbating very frequently at that age and most women are in stable relationships, hence the stats, which somehow propagated as fact over time.

    At PASH we believe that women can be in their sexual prime at any age and that, for many women, they will have a number of sexual peaks throughout their life depending on their life stage and circumstances.

    We encourage women to be inquisitive and not settle for anything less than extraordinary! Well, at least some of the time because we all know that occasionally a good book and a glass of wine is a great substitute!

    Live. Love. Passion

    Jo x

    man and woman in bed just eyes poking out

  • Let's Get Naked

    Throughout life, women assume many roles: child, wife, mother, lover, cook, professional, manager, worker, the list goes on. One thing we often struggle with, however,  is how to reconcile our sexuality, our inner erotic creature, with all our other roles.

    We are often at odds with ourselves at different stages of our lives. For example, is it ok to want to look 'sexy' while dropping the kids off at school? Of this that considered inappropriate?

    One woman, Sheila Kelly, has really nailed the philosophy around embracing our inner erotic creature and has an incredible way of encouraging all women to feel empowered.

    She believes there exists in every woman an Erotic Creature. When Sheila Kelley discovered this sleeping giant, her life changed irrevocably. She had stumbled upon what women were missing and launched it into a worldwide sensation, ushering in the 4th wave of feminism by teaching women to own their sexuality. Let's Get Naked is about exposing the truth and the Erotic Creature, both of which rest just beneath the surface.

    We LOVE this at PASH - it speaks to us in a language we whole heartedly believe in. Invest 20 minutes of your life to feel the power of what all women can become.

    Let's Get Naked Tedex Talk

  • STUDY: 83% of women suffer post-childbirth sexual problems

    (Yet we STILL don't want to talk about SEX!)


    No libido post baby? You're not alone. In fact, you're one of over two billion women experiencing the same problem. A study reviewed by Dr Terri Foran, Royal Hospital for Women sexual health physician, shows that nearly two-thirds of women experience ongoing sexual dysfunction six months post giving birth, with the common problems being orgasmic disorder, sexual desire dysfunction, sexual pain disorder and sexual arousal disorder.

    In reports about the UK study, Dr Foran is quoted as stating that 'sex and sexual problems are still something people are reticent to bring up.' She also discussed that they continue to see women with 'ongoing problems with pain, with issues around their libido, five, six, seven years down the track.'

    PASH Australia Founder and lapsed Registered Nurse, Jo Karabin commented: "As a mum of two, who experienced third-degree tears during the birth of both my babies, I know first-hand the challenges associated with resuming post-birth sexual relations.

    "I found that while there is great support about caring for your baby, there was little to no discussion, and certainly no information forthcoming, on how to re-engage with the sexual side of your relationship in a safe, non-threatening and, importantly non -painful way.''

    Many women experience vaginal dryness following birth due to hormonal changes which can affect enjoyment and cause additional pain. Studies show that women who breast-feed are more likely to report painful sex [2] and reduced libido, both due to hormonal changes.

    Jo continued, "Generally the advice is to wait four to six weeks before resuming sexual activity. But, of course, it depends on the level of vaginal trauma and how comfortable or ready the woman is in resuming activity. Many women are also uncomfortable with the physical changes that have occurred to their post baby body (we can't all be super models) and this can also impact their libido and self-confidence.

    "I'm so pleased that this study is being given some air time and finally raising the issue. In fact, one of the main motivators for creating PASH was to help women through this type of life challenge and I hope that through open discussion we can encourage women to seek help."

    Experts agree that the longer an issue goes untreated or addressed, the harder it is to treat.

    Jo Karabin also commented that she found it ironic that women ended up in the situation because they've had sex, yet no one proactively wants to discuss 'the topic' after the fact!

    "I personally find it so disappointing that it is still such a taboo topic when lack of intimacy can have such an negative impact on relationships, particularly when there are solutions that may help."


    Kegel excercises are designed to tone and strengthen the pelvic muscle. A strong PC muscle is the key to greater urinary control and more intense orgasms, as well as a host of other benefits.

    You can practice Kegel excercises on your own by flexing and holding the PC muscle, but Kegel balls, like the Je Joue Ami, can help to focus the efforts more precisely. The Ami Kegel Ball collection is a set of three silicone balls with a small ball inside and are designed to work in a progressive program.

    A strong kegel workout program can also help before a pregnancy to prepare the muscles for delivery (although we don't recommend that they are used during pregnancy).


    System JO is made in the USA using only the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients available. All products are plant-based, safe, non-toxic and not tested on animals.

    JO Agape Lubricant
    E specially formulated for women and was created to be the perfect sensual solution for women with sensitivities. This moisturising lubricant offers all the benefits of a water-based lubricant in an extra gentle formula. Its pH balance is perfect for women to use alone or with a partner.

    ·         Viscosity mimics a women’s natural moisture

    ·         Glycerine, silicone and oil free

    ·         Specially formulated for women with sensitivites

    ·         Silky smooth, never sticky or tacky

    ·         Recommended by doctors

    JO Renew Moisturiser
    Replenishes the body's natural feminine moisture to reduce irritation and dryness. This all-natural long lasting formula is glycerin free, hormone free, odourless and non-staining. Perfect for daily use as an intimate moisturiser as well as a personal lubricant.


    PASH is an Australian company created in 2005 and is a previous BRW Fast 100 recipient.

    PASH is a company dedicated to empowering women through information, support and sensual products to help them live happier, more fulfilling sexual lives. PASH promotes positive sexual wellness for women through all life stages and distributes a range of sensual products.


    No matter what people say, there are no 'normal' responses – desire, interest and sexual activity can vary greatly, even in one woman over the period of her life. Factors such as children, work, money, family, age, hormone levels and ill-health will affect the sexual wellness of every woman at different times. Learning to cope and adapt to change is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with a partner, and, importantly, yourself.

    There are some monumental life-stages such as post-baby, ill health, menopause and mature age that may adversely affect a woman's sexual wellness. Our goal at PASH is to help women navigate through the various options available for support, and to provide references for expert help that may be suitable.

    The PASH Mission: To help every Australian woman live a happier, more fulfilled life by supporting her sexual wellness needs throughout her life.


    The PASH Party Experience is an opportunity for women to get together to have open, honest adult conversations about the important topic of sexual wellness and how to enhance intimacy and relationships during all life stages. The PASH party provides inspiration and encourage to women.


    The PASH Yummy Mummy Experience is designed as a get together for new mums to share information and discuss not only their sexual wellness needs, but also issues and challenges they are facing, in a comfortable, nurturing environment. PASH offers a range of products to assist in sexual wellness and libido enhancement for women post-baby (and ongoing through her life).


    1. "Sex after pregnancy: Let your body set the pace". Mayo Clinic. 30 May 2008. Retrieved 2009-08-07.

    2. Barrett, G; Pendry E; Peacock J; Victor C; Thakar R; Manyonda I (2000). "Women's sexual health after childbirth". BJOG (Wiley-Blackwell/Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) 107 (2): 186–95.doi:10.1111/j.1471-0528.2000.tb11689.x.PMID 10688502.

  • Book a Pash Party and learn why women are special

    Women are special. We menstruate, we have incredible emotional changes regularly and we get the lovely opportunity to have night sweats while we go through menopause. Of course with these experiences, we also can grow another human being, have boobs that can make heads turn and possibly have orgasms just by touching a tiny little area known as the clitoris.

    Over the last 15 years I have had the pleasure to work with thousands of women and share with them the glorious world of pampering products, bedroom accessories and relationship enhancement aides.

    During this time I have worked with single women, happily married couples, cancer fighters and survivors, women facing sexual health issues and even a few virgins! While each one of them have their own story and situation the one thing they have in common is that they embraced the opportunity to learn more about themselves.

    That is one reason why I encourage women to attend a ‘sex toy party’ such as a PASH parties. If done well, these parties provide women not only the chance to connect with their girlfriends but also to learn about their bodies, sexual health and become a more confident female. All of this wrapped up into a 2-3 hour party- what more could you want?

    A typical party includes a group of women who get together with a glass or two of bubbles in the comfort of someone’s home. The Consultant plays a game or two to make sure everyone is relaxed, and then gets into the ‘demo’.  This demo includes showing a variety of products and explaining the WHY, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE it should be used. The added bit of humour encourages people to laugh and not take anything too seriously, while the educational pieces helps bring awareness to aspects of their body or sexuality they may be unfamiliar with.

    These nights are designed to help women learn something they didn’t know- such as how to find the G-spot, why it is important to use lubricant during sex, how to increase your libido without a prescription and of course how to feel sexy and empowered. It is done in a tasteful manner and even if someone isn’t into the ‘love toys’ aspect of the party they won’t be made to feel awkward, in fact more often than not those who least expected it are the ones who buy the most product!

    If you are looking to get the girlfriends together, without the distraction of the men or children, I would recommend booking yourself a PASH party. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you will learn about yourself!

    Lisa Malnar

    Tough Love Advising

    Driving You Forward with the Truth

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