Bedroom Surprises - 3 Sex Tricks You Can Try Tonight

Let's face it, with winter well and truly here, it's time to invest some more time cuddling in the bedroom! And when we say 'cuddling' we're talking cuddling that involves naked skin time. Why not surprise your partner with something new and fun. Here's three things you could try tonight:

  1. Scent it up - this is a great way to get you in the zone. Have a bath and try some new, sexy bath oil - walk into the bedroom in a towel and ask them to sniff you to see what they think... drop the towel and let the night roll!
  2. Flavoured massage lube - a great way to keep the party going is to invest in an edible massage oil that can also be used as a lube. Book a PASH party, party plan, adult party, sex party, bachelorette party, hens party, girls night in and check out what's on offer.
  3. Make some noise - if you usually prefer to keep things low key on the vocals during sexual fun time, why not get loud? Men love some dirty talk and noise to show you are in their zone.


PASH xoxo