A note to the men out there - here's what we really want!

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is communication - yes, it might not sound sexy, but it can make a big difference to how you relate to one another and if you are relating well, then the sensual side will follow.

Sadly there is often a disconnect between what men think we want, and what we really want. So, this is a quick note to all the men out there, a reminder if you will, on the things that will make us fall deeper in love with you!

  1. Be a great listener - show us you're really listening, not just pretending. We want to engage you in our lives.
  2. Surprise us - we love little (and big) happy surprises. The odd bunch of flowers or dinner date goes a long way (Tiffany works even better :) )
  3. Talk to us - show us some vulnerability. We want you to learn to express how you are feeling, honestly and openly.
  4. Compromise - sure, this goes both ways. We know you don't like to go shopping, sit around and chat with the girls or watch our movies, but every now and then, come along and be with us.
  5. Kiss and caress us - being loving and affectionate randomly goes along way. We love it when you give us a random cuddle, kiss or reach out to hold our hand. It makes us feel loved and connected, and you never know where that might lead!

Here's to love.

Jo xoxo