Sexual Arousal Disorder - What you should know

We all have times when we're simply just not in the mood and the thought of 'sex' is about as appealing as a plate of cold brussel sprouts.  But that is very different to those women who suffer from Sexual Arousal Disorder who essentially are not able to get or maintain sexual excitement.

So what happens here and how do you know if your relationship is just off the boil, or you should be seeking help? Essentially the things to look for are persistent or frequent inability to not only not 'feel' sexual excitement  but also for the body to not react to excitement. This means you don't produce adequate lubrication or you're unable to physically respond to the feeling of sexual excitement. This causes personal distress and can also cause difficulties with your sexual partner.

From all reports its a fairly common condition experienced by many women. There are a range of reasons as to why this might happen. There are physiological reasons such as menopause, atrophic vaginitis, pelvic radiotherapy and diabetes. There are also psychological factors that can trigger the disorder, such as relationship conflict, emotional trauma, mental health issues and many more. Sometimes it is just a lack of knowledge about your own body that can lead to challenges.

So what can you do about it? Unfortunately we still don't have a 'female Viagra' available, so simply popping a pill the way that men can for a quick solution is not an option. There are, however, a number of other options that you can try including various hormone treatments, devices and of course therapy.

The best option - find a doctor that is both sympathetic and also knowledgeable in this area and seek help. The worst option, just putting up with it and being miserable. If you're suffering, you don't need to, seek help.

Yours PASHionately, Jo xoxo

man and women in bed back to each other