I've just read a post from an amazing lady who has created a company that supplies free sanitary products for girls and women who can't afford to purchase it. Every month we treat our periods as an inconvenience, but, for most of us, thankfully we don't have to worry about not being able to get the products we need. Clearly that isn't the case for everyone and this is a great initiative for those girls and women that need the help and support.

We've donated and hope that this initiative is supported and respected and not abused by people.


"Boys laugh at me when blood stained my uniform and eventually I just stayed home when I got my period" this is the story for many girls in Australia who's family simply cannot afford pads and tampons.

So when I say today this FREE Dignity Vending #pinkbox machine is being installed in a school in Australia on Monday in Melbourne, I can't tell you how proud we are. So proud that we were all able to make a real difference to girls and women in need.

When hearing that girls like 14 year old Sophie who stayed home from school last week because her mum couldn't afford to pay for sanitary items when Sophie got her period a few days behind her payday, makes us so grateful that we are now able to help.

The idea of this being an issue for teenage girls when things are already tough enough just makes me mad.

We now need to stock this machine and the other 20 machines which are all rolling out across Australia in the next few weeks. Each #periodpack costs $2.50 and if everyone on this page just donated one box could you imagine what we could do!! #dignityforgirls