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  • Santa Baby....

    This time of the year can be an interesting time for your love life - if you're single it can be amazing! Lots of happy, merry people feeling festive can really drive some serious hormones!

    If you're in a relationship and have kids - it can be exhausting!There is so much going on with end of school, work, family, social activities, xmas shopping, the list goes on. Of course the first thing that tends to go off the list is sex!

    Make sure you take some time out this festive season to share some love and laughter with your partner. Get out the mistletoe, put it under a doorway and surprise them with a passionate kiss. Reconnect with love this festive season.

    JO x

  • Is a sexual 'hall pass' good for a relationship?

    There has been some discussion lately around people offering partners 'hall passes' - essentially the chance to have a sexual fling with someone,  without consequences. But is this good for a relationship, or ultimately harmful?

    The reality is that no matter how casual the immediate lustful attraction, sex can often develop into an emotional bond. Not necessarily from both partners, but it only takes one partner to  want to continue with the relationship and it can threaten the original couple.

    Of course everyone is different and some people can genuinely have a sexcapade without their partner discovering it, and be ok with it. But not everyone can handle it. Guilt can just as easily destroy a good relationship as the affair itself.

    The challenge can become insurmountable if both parties are not on the same page - the mere suggestion causing a breakdown in the relationship. And what if only one partner decides to take up the hall pass and the other doesn't? These issues need to be addressed or it can turn into a terrible situation before it starts.

    The key thing is to communicate and work out why you want the hall pass in the first place - be honest, is it really because you think it will rekindle what you've lost, or is it because you're lost?


  • Is it time to check on your Sexual Health?

    This week is Women's Health Week - a good time to take stock and focus on the health needs of yourself as a woman. Of course one import health need is our sexual health needs.

    Low sexual drive is a common problem for many women, which can leave women feeling stressed and cause issues with relationships. This can be particularly prevalent in women pre and post-menopausal. Sadly many women don't seek help or treatment for this issue and just suffer the consequences as they don't think it is treatable.

    The good news is that many causes may be treatable, so it's important to speak to a caring health professional to get advice.

  • A note to the men out there - here's what we really want!

    One of the most important aspects of any relationship is communication - yes, it might not sound sexy, but it can make a big difference to how you relate to one another and if you are relating well, then the sensual side will follow.

    Sadly there is often a disconnect between what men think we want, and what we really want. So, this is a quick note to all the men out there, a reminder if you will, on the things that will make us fall deeper in love with you!

    1. Be a great listener - show us you're really listening, not just pretending. We want to engage you in our lives.
    2. Surprise us - we love little (and big) happy surprises. The odd bunch of flowers or dinner date goes a long way (Tiffany works even better :) )
    3. Talk to us - show us some vulnerability. We want you to learn to express how you are feeling, honestly and openly.
    4. Compromise - sure, this goes both ways. We know you don't like to go shopping, sit around and chat with the girls or watch our movies, but every now and then, come along and be with us.
    5. Kiss and caress us - being loving and affectionate randomly goes along way. We love it when you give us a random cuddle, kiss or reach out to hold our hand. It makes us feel loved and connected, and you never know where that might lead!

    Here's to love.

    Jo xoxo

  • Pregnancy Sex

    For those of you who, like me, had to dedicate time every month to 'baby making sex' you'll know it's not usually the most romantic of sexual experiences with your partner. The pressure to perform on cue to deliver a specific result may be what it is designed for in the procreation of the species type of role, but not in the more desired 'let's make hot, passionate love' experience.

    So once you're pregnant, what happens then? You usually find out your pregnant within 5-8 weeks, which means you have a good eight months of baby growing. So how do you approach your sex life then?

    Of course every women is different. Every woman will have different desires and physical effects as a result of the pregnancy. In the early stages, when you don't look pregnant you will generally feel differently to when you are obviously protruding. Logistics aside, many women feel anxious about whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy.

    The good news is that it's actually quite beneficial to have sex during pregnancy. Other than keeping the connection with your partner and releasing all those amazing feel good endorphins, it also helps to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

    Of course there are lots of physical and mental changes going on during pregnancy, so you may feel different and experience different sensations than you normally do. Changing your normal routine to suit your changing needs is a great idea - make sure you share how you are feeling and what you desire with your partner. Communication goes a long way.

    As the baby grows you'll need to rethink sexual positions. Missionary is not a good idea as it puts pressure on heart, lungs and baby. The good news is that there are lots of other positions that will ensure your comfort.

    We always suggest you use body safe lubricants, but during pregnancy it is especially important that you check the product you are using. Check the ingredients and make sure it is safe for use during this time.

    If in doubt, ask your doctor for advice. Don't be embarrassed, remember they do know how you got pregnant in the first pace.

    Yours with PASHion, Jo XOXO

  • Nokia Nookie

    I just read an article about women in India using their old Nokia phones as vibrators! Apparently the vibrations on these old phones is strong and a great way to get them off! While it's bizarre what some women will resort to, with toys going for less than $50, we would advise you to invest in a nice silicone toy that is specifically designed for pleasure!

  • Pinkbox

    I've just read a post from an amazing lady who has created a company that supplies free sanitary products for girls and women who can't afford to purchase it. Every month we treat our periods as an inconvenience, but, for most of us, thankfully we don't have to worry about not being able to get the products we need. Clearly that isn't the case for everyone and this is a great initiative for those girls and women that need the help and support.

    We've donated and hope that this initiative is supported and respected and not abused by people.


    "Boys laugh at me when blood stained my uniform and eventually I just stayed home when I got my period" this is the story for many girls in Australia who's family simply cannot afford pads and tampons.

    So when I say today this FREE Dignity Vending #pinkbox machine is being installed in a school in Australia on Monday in Melbourne, I can't tell you how proud we are. So proud that we were all able to make a real difference to girls and women in need.

    When hearing that girls like 14 year old Sophie who stayed home from school last week because her mum couldn't afford to pay for sanitary items when Sophie got her period a few days behind her payday, makes us so grateful that we are now able to help.

    The idea of this being an issue for teenage girls when things are already tough enough just makes me mad.

    We now need to stock this machine and the other 20 machines which are all rolling out across Australia in the next few weeks. Each #periodpack costs $2.50 and if everyone on this page just donated one box could you imagine what we could do!! #dignityforgirls

  • 5 Ways to One 'O' Happy Ending

    Given the weather is getting colder and people are looking for excuses to stay indoors, I thought I would share an excellent challenge for you to try with your partner. The challenge is called 'how many different types of orgasms can I have?' - read up so you know what you're looking for and then get ready for a fun night in!

    Many women don't realise that there are many ways to orgasm. Of course all deliver the one happy ending, but the origin can vary the intensity of the orgasm. There are different schools of thought on whether there are four or five, but given this is a challenge, we're going to go with five, so you have more fun!

    1. The Clitoral Orgasm - results from direct stimulation of the clitoris. This is how most women orgasm and these orgasms tend to bursts of short-lasting pleasure.
    2. The Vaginal Orgasm - this is also known as the 'G-Spot' orgasm. These orgasms tend to be more long lasting, but many women struggle to achieve this type of orgasm from just sex alone. A great idea is to use a G-Spot love toy and see if you can find the allusive pleasure spot.
    3. The Blended Orgasm - this is when you achieve both clitoral and vaginal orgasm simultaneously. These orgasms tend to be massive and long lasting - so worth the investment in time!
    4. The Coregasm - ok, so we're not 100% sure about this one, but we're told these are orgasms triggered by exercise. Apparently they are less intense, but still pleasurable. Anything that gets you working out more is got to be good, right?
    5. The Skin Orgasm - I love this concept, it's apparently triggered by listening to a favourite song or music and manifests in 'chills' or 'goose bumps. It's called 'Frissions' and gives you that fabulous tingling sensation.

    No matter how many orgasms you are able to manage, surely the fun is in experimenting! Happy hunting.

    Yours with PASHion, Jo xoxo

  • Russia, Protect Your Women!

    Last night I was watching a really interesting documentary on Dateline (SBS) about Russia. It looked at many facets of the country and influences that are shaping the future of the nation.

    I was finding it all fascinating until the show highlighted a law that has just passed in the Russian parliament - the decriminalisation of domestic violence. Apparently the Russians don't believe the state should interfere in family life.

    The poor women of Russia who are stuck in awful situations will have no legal way to turn. And with strict protest laws which mean protesters are not allowed to stand together, women wanting to change the laws have a hard time being heard.

    Looks like Russia is heading back to the dark ages.


  • Sexual Arousal Disorder - What you should know

    We all have times when we're simply just not in the mood and the thought of 'sex' is about as appealing as a plate of cold brussel sprouts.  But that is very different to those women who suffer from Sexual Arousal Disorder who essentially are not able to get or maintain sexual excitement.

    So what happens here and how do you know if your relationship is just off the boil, or you should be seeking help? Essentially the things to look for are persistent or frequent inability to not only not 'feel' sexual excitement  but also for the body to not react to excitement. This means you don't produce adequate lubrication or you're unable to physically respond to the feeling of sexual excitement. This causes personal distress and can also cause difficulties with your sexual partner.

    From all reports its a fairly common condition experienced by many women. There are a range of reasons as to why this might happen. There are physiological reasons such as menopause, atrophic vaginitis, pelvic radiotherapy and diabetes. There are also psychological factors that can trigger the disorder, such as relationship conflict, emotional trauma, mental health issues and many more. Sometimes it is just a lack of knowledge about your own body that can lead to challenges.

    So what can you do about it? Unfortunately we still don't have a 'female Viagra' available, so simply popping a pill the way that men can for a quick solution is not an option. There are, however, a number of other options that you can try including various hormone treatments, devices and of course therapy.

    The best option - find a doctor that is both sympathetic and also knowledgeable in this area and seek help. The worst option, just putting up with it and being miserable. If you're suffering, you don't need to, seek help.

    Yours PASHionately, Jo xoxo

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