It's MY orgasm, not yours!

Have you ever faked it? Said that you orgasmed, even though you didn't , just to make your lover feel like they had achieved the ultimate goal? Why is that women feel they need to lie rather than tell the truth and then explain how to help you achieve an orgasm?

Sadly many men still haven't worked out that over 80% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. Shouting 'are you nearly there' during sex usually doesn't help either.

A great way to help your lover understand what is required is through the use of love toys, sex toys, vibrators and dildos. Host a couples party plan, sex toy party, girls night in, couples party or ask for a private demonstration with sex toys and then enjoy a night filled with the most fun learning you and your partner will ever have!

PASH x0x0