'Ageism' the new Female Battleground

As a mother who has worked extensively in the corporate world over the years, I know the challenges faced by working mum's balancing the child / work life.

For those of you who, like me, have worked in senior positions you'll know the stress that comes from having to leave half way through a meeting to dash off to pick up the kids - in my case usually with the disapproving looks from my male counterparts or from young, yet to be, mothers who don't quite yet understand.

Many women have also sacrificed their careers to become a mother, opting not to become partners or take on more senior roles that will inevitably require a greater time commitment. Some women are able to work around it with nannies and lots of support, but not every women has the financial ability to do that, and many women also don't want to sacrifice the time with their children.

So if that isn't challenging enough, it would appear that research has confirmed what we know all too well that when women get into their 50s and 60s, keeping and getting a job is much, much harder.  For women who's children have grown up and are ready to get back into the workforce, it's just not that easy.

With an ever aging population and life expectancy much higher, society is going to have to change the way it views women. We're getting there with gender equality, but we have a long way to go to recognising that turning 50 literally is now 'middle age'. With probably some 50 more years to live, there is still plenty of living to do and a great deal to contribute to society!

Ageism is the new sexism - Mumbrella