5 Ways to One 'O' Happy Ending

Given the weather is getting colder and people are looking for excuses to stay indoors, I thought I would share an excellent challenge for you to try with your partner. The challenge is called 'how many different types of orgasms can I have?' - read up so you know what you're looking for and then get ready for a fun night in!

Many women don't realise that there are many ways to orgasm. Of course all deliver the one happy ending, but the origin can vary the intensity of the orgasm. There are different schools of thought on whether there are four or five, but given this is a challenge, we're going to go with five, so you have more fun!

  1. The Clitoral Orgasm - results from direct stimulation of the clitoris. This is how most women orgasm and these orgasms tend to bursts of short-lasting pleasure.
  2. The Vaginal Orgasm - this is also known as the 'G-Spot' orgasm. These orgasms tend to be more long lasting, but many women struggle to achieve this type of orgasm from just sex alone. A great idea is to use a G-Spot love toy and see if you can find the allusive pleasure spot.
  3. The Blended Orgasm - this is when you achieve both clitoral and vaginal orgasm simultaneously. These orgasms tend to be massive and long lasting - so worth the investment in time!
  4. The Coregasm - ok, so we're not 100% sure about this one, but we're told these are orgasms triggered by exercise. Apparently they are less intense, but still pleasurable. Anything that gets you working out more is got to be good, right?
  5. The Skin Orgasm - I love this concept, it's apparently triggered by listening to a favourite song or music and manifests in 'chills' or 'goose bumps. It's called 'Frissions' and gives you that fabulous tingling sensation.

No matter how many orgasms you are able to manage, surely the fun is in experimenting! Happy hunting.

Yours with PASHion, Jo xoxo