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  • Star Sign Lovers

    With so many dating apps and sites now available, we should all be in a dating frenzy! But what's the best way to work out if you'll be compatible lovers without jumping into bed?

    One thing you could look at is to see if your star signs align.  So here's what I've learnt: Some signs are overly idealistic (Aries, Gemini), while others lead with a more practical approach (Virgo, Capricorn). When feeling out a new relationship, certain signs seek stability (Cancer, Libra), while others are all about fiery passion (Leo, Scorpio).

    Check it out. If nothing else, it will give you something to talk about in the first 30 minutes!

    Better still, invite them to a PASH party, party plan, adult party plan, adult parties, hens nights, girls night in and check out how compatible you really are!

    PASH xoxo

  • Ultimate indulgence

    So the heated blanket has reappeared onto the bed - that's the sign 'Winter is Coming' in our house! There is something so deliciously indulgent about hoping into a warm bed when it's cold outside. Which then reminded me of the amazing massage candle experience and I thought I'd share with you the ultimate winter erotic adventure....

    1. Light the massage candle - not only does if fill the room with an amazing scent, it also helps create the atmosphere. You need to allow it to burn long enough for their to be oil in the candle
    2. Heat the bed (there's nothing worse than climbing into a cold bed!)
    3. Put on some sensual sounds
    4. Ask your lover to lie down on the bed and be ready to have the ultimate indulgence
    5. Pour the warm melted oil from the massage candle (make sure it is a massage candle!!!!) onto your lovers back and indulge your sensual side

    Don't know where to get a massage candle? Check the PASH shopping pages or book your own PASH Party, Party Plan, Sex Toy Party, Hens Night, Girls Night In, Sexy Party and check out what's on offer.

    PASH xoxo

  • Sex toy or no sex toy?

    I overheard an interesting conversation between two women the other day (I wasn't eavesdropping, but they were talking so loud, it was hard to miss it!) about whether it was necessary for women to own a sex toy (vibrator, dildo, clitoral stimulator, etc). One was adamant that it was the only thing she could rely on in life, the other friend not so convinced.

    Personally I think it depends on you, your stage of life and your relationship status. I was chatting to some friends the other day who were lamenting about their lax pelvic floor muscles and stress incontinence. I mentioned 'smartballs' (designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles) and the immediate reaction was that this was a 'sex toy'. As I pointed out, they do provide stimulation for some women, but essentially they are a sexual wellbeing  device.

    Of course, if you're looking to add some excitement and interest into a relationship, experimenting with something new is a great way to spice things up. Have a PASH Party (sex toy party, hens party, party plan) and check out all the different products in the comfort of your own home!

    To fun!

    PASH xoxo

    Sex Toy Party

  • Post Baby Sex Desire

    For those of you that have had babies, you probably looked at the title of this blog and wondered why it didn't read 'I have not sexual desire post giving birth!' Don't fret, getting pregnant (particularly if it took a little while), being pregnant, childbirth and becoming a mother is a massive life changing experience!

    Not only are your hormones all over the place, but you experience tiredness and also body changes. It's perfectly natural that with all those changes, you libido or sexual desire may also change.

    The important thing is to communicate with your partner and give yourself time to recover and adjust. If you're breastfeeding that will also impact your sexual activity, particularly if your partner is a 'breast person' and your sensitivity or mental view of your breasts as an erogenous zone has been impacted.

    Treat this as a chance to experiment with some other types of sexual intimacy and take the pressure of you and your partner. Focus on extended foreplay, touch and massage - what ever you find stimulating. Invest in some sex toys - why not have a sex toy party and check out what is available and try it out.

    There are also natural libido enhancing products - whether something you take orally or a topical application (ensure you check what is safe if you are breastfeeding).

    Don't stress, recognise the lifestage you are in and adapt - it could be fun!


  • Party Plan is the ultimate Winter Fun!

    Whether you're into sex toys, Nutrimetics, Body Shop, Roden & Fields, Tupperware or even Thermomix, having a bunch of friends around to your house for a few drinks and some 'entertainment' is a great idea.

    It's not only a great excuse to get your friends together for a girls night in, you can actually learn something to help you in your life - cooking, skin care or even your relationship!

    Never tried it? Why not give it a go? Love them, try something new!

    PASH xoxo

  • Love Life and loving yours

    It's important to remember when thinking about your 'love life' that there are two aspects to it - one is the part of your life that consists of your romantic involvement and the other is the sexual relationship side.

    Life has ebbs and flows, but it's always important to nurture both sides of your love life - romance is important, but so is sex.

    Rather than '10 tips to a better love life' here are my top three:

    1. Take your partner's breath away - do something amazing! Something that is out of the ordinary to make him/her remember how amazing you are. A note in their pocket they discover at work, a random loving text or greeting them at the door in nothing but some sexy lingerie.
    2. Learn what pleases your partner sexually - do some reading, invest in some love toys (there are some seriously amazing sex products available) and simply experiment. Very few lovers are going to object if you say you want to try something new!
    3. Do something sexually edgy - no need to indulge in kinky s&m if that's not your thing, bondage is not mandatory! However, taking things into an edgier experience is a great idea. Never tried a love ring (cock ring), now is the time to give it a go!

    What ever you decide, simple changing the status quo will have a positive effect.


    Jo xoxo

  • Sex Toy Parties - are we '50 Shades Freed' yet?

    We've just seen the demise of Avon in Australia. Apparently the public interest in 'lipstick selling door knockers' is no longer of interest. With the plethora of make-up brands and the digital revolution, sadly it's not surprising.

    That said, what is still of interest (apparently) is 'sex'. Despite being panned by the critics the latest iteration in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy reaped huge financial rewards at the box office - seems the public interest in titillating erotica is still there.

    So what does that mean for 'Sex Toy Parties' and party plan overall? Well, if the interest PASH receives is anything to go by, it's still high. With the digital age well and truly driving our eyes to our screens it can seem surprising, unless you actually think about it.

    The opportunity to have an 'expert' talk about love toys (vibrators, sex toys and the like), sexual wellness, sexual health, lubricants and stimulants in the privacy of your own home actually makes sense.  You can then relate the information to the products - you can touch, feel and ask questions. It's hard to do that with your screen! While we appreciate eventually there will be a solution for that in the meantime you can't beat getting face-to-face with a real live person.

    On top of that, getting together with your girlfriends is fun! What a great excuse to kick the men out for the night and have a lot of laughs - when he knows what the content of your night is, you're also likely to get an unlimited budget ;). It's time to get 50 Shades Freed ladies!

    Yours PASHionatley

    Jo xoxo

  • Love is in the air? Be a sexy Valentine!

    Ok, so it's here and they say 'love is in the air', but I don't get it - maybe I'm just not breathing right ;)

    Actually I love Valentine's Day - it might be cheesy, but it does remind us that you can never tell those you love, that you love them, too often.

    While the real truth behind the day remains somewhat of a mystery, the reality is you can make it what you want! During my single days my girlfriend and I used to go out for a fabulous champagne dinner and just celebrate loving life!

    Rather than flowers (which will die) or chocolates (think of those unwanted kgs!), this year do something sexy and energetic with your lover - and I'm not talking a run around the park!

    How about surprising him / her with a candlelit room, you in sexy lingerie and some special love toys to make the evening filled with fun and a bit of fantasy... my favourite sensuality product is the massage candle. It melts to just over body temperature to a soy based oil - you get an erotic massage and your partner gets to live out their 'hot oil fantasy'. That's a win-win situation!

    What ever you do on this day of love, even if it's just cuddling your loved one in front of a favourite movie, take time to remember how grand love is and how lucky you are to be in love...maybe it is in the air after all.

    Jo xoxo

  • Plus size lingerie can make you feel Fifty Shades Freed

    As we head towards Valentine's Day the question being asked by all (good) men and, also women, everywhere is 'should I buy lingerie for my lover?' (well,it might not be THE question on everyone's mind, but we think it should be!).

    The simple answer is YES - no matter what shape or size you are, the reality is that lingerie makes you feel sexy. Someone once told me that the best way to see if you like an item of lingerie is to throw it on the floor, 'because that's where it will end up two seconds after you put it on!'.

    Of course the real challenge is to find lingerie that YOU feel good in. There is nothing worse that pouring your body into a little lacy knicker and bra set only to feel incredibly awkward. Unfortunately we can't all be Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker or even Fifty Shades Freed!

    So, what should you look for, here are a few tips:

    • Start with the style of lingerie you find most attractive - bra and knicker sets, corset, gstring, babydoll, etc
    • Then work out what style you think suits your body shape best - something with more support, an outfit to show off your legs but hid your tummy, etc
    • Think about the colours you like
    • Then use that as your search criteria - otherwise it is just too overwhelming with the number of choices!

    Even if lingerie is not your thing normally, why not indulge in something different for your lover ... you might quite like the outcome.

    Yours PASHionately

    Jo xoxo

  • New year, new love!

    As we all welcome the new year, I know that some people meet it with trepidation and some with a renewed passion and excitement for the year ahead. Wherever your life is at, I hope that you challenge yourself this year, at the very least, to renew your 'love'.

    I don't mean, run out and find a new lover, I simply mean renew the love of yourself and those around you. Remember you are the absolute one continuum in your life and you need to love yourself first, so you can give more love to others.

    Your friends and family are precious, life is precious and you are spectacular.

    Wishing you love and happiness for a sparkling, passionate 2018.


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